Outdoor watches are fantastic. Here is why!

I have always been a fan of outdoor watches. I remember when I was a kid that my dad used to give me a watch resembling today’s outdoor watches on my birthday. I used to wear those watches every day and take baths with them and all those gnarly stuff kids make, so I was really attached to my watches. Maybe my passion for outdoor watches is also fuelled by spending most of my time outside of the house, so it’s not all about those watches that my father gave me.

Anyway, I have to have some arguments in order to convince you that outdoor watches are awesome, and I do, plenty in fact. Here I will begin with the technical aspects and we’ll see from there:

Well, that depends greatly on your capabilities of guiding yourself based on the cardinal points. My point is that most good quality outdoor watches have something called a triple sensor or at least a compass. With that compass, you can guide yourself through unknown places and not be scared that you will get lost unless you go too far from any kind of civilization.

  • It’s perfect if you want to know things about the environment

Of course, not every outdoor watch is so advanced to incorporate a barometer or an altimeter, but generally, if you invest a reasonable amount of money on a ProTrek, Suunto, G-Shock or whatever, chances are you will get a triple sensor or something similar. With the altimeter, barometer, and thermometer, you can make readings of the environment with ease and while these sensors are not that accurate they can offer pretty good insights.

  • Outdoor watches are better than smartphones

outdoor watch vs phone

Well not in every aspect, but outdoor watches are better than smartphones when it comes to battery life, ease of use and resistance to shocks. Battery can last years on most outdoor watches while on smartphones you get a day. Also outdoor watches can support great amounts of shocks whereas smartphones break at the first drop. So I would say that in an active environment you probably are better off with an outdoor watch. Of course, you cannot beat the convenience of smartphones but that is another topic.

  • There are plenty outdoor watches for every taste

Here are some great resources on outdoor watches: http://atomic811.com/best-altimeter-watch/ and http://atomic811.com/best-compass-watch/. Both great resources if you want to find a quality outdoor watch. You see there are countless models for everyone and every taste. I prefer ProTreks and G-Shocks most of the time but you can choose whatever works for you. I would say that the outdoor watch market is more developed than even the smartphone one. So if you are in the market after one good outdoor watch you can check out those articles.

These are my views on outdoor watches and what they mean in today’s world. I think you can learn quite a bit from the experience of other outdoor watch wearers on the internet. There are a lot of forums which debate this topic on and over again. You can also find fellows who think the same as you or might become passionate if you aren’t already.